We have developed one of the most sophisticated human analytics measurement platforms available today. The PAC system measures over 180 traits across 8 domains including personality, organizational culture, and work styles. Our cloud-based matching algorithm develops multivariate insights from the data in real time.


Have a lot of candidates applying for your jobs? Years of research have proven that in many cases, psychometric testing can be a better predictor of on-job performance than traditional recruiting methods alone.

Predictive Ability of Recruiting Methods

Source: The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology: Practical and Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings. Frank L. Schmidt and John E. Hunter. 1998. PAC data based on r-squared of real customer competency models.


Compared to traditional recruiting methods like education, experience and reference checks - PAC is a much more powerful predictor of on job performance. In fact, PAC offers the highest probability of hiring success on the market today.

If you're wondering why, there are a couple important reasons. First, things like resumes and references checks can be gamed. Essentially, people will tell you what you want to hear. Second, even with the best intentions, our biases affect our evaluation of candidates. We tend to favour backgrounds that mirror ours because we are in a better position to evaluate them.

State of the Art

PAC's unique approach to psychometrics and people analytics has enabled us to have one of the most predictive performance engines avaialble.

Traditional psychometric assessments and services provide you with trait reports that make assumptions about what is important. For instance, it is widely believed that leadership and attention to detail are "good" for a host of jobs.

While there is some truth to this as a generalization, we take a very different and more scientific approach. We use your own company's competency data, such as sales figures or NPS scores, to develop multivariate predictive models that help identify what actually drives success within your company's functions. Our experience shows that conventional assumptions of success drivers are sometimes not only contributors to success but in fact detrimental to performance.

Built From the Ground Up

The PAC assessment was built specifically to measure how people perform at work

Most psychometric assessments were built decades ago and were intended for generic use. They were not built specifically to measure on-the-job traits. Since that time, scientific advancements have leaped forward, though most tests administered today do not reflect those improvements. "30 years of validity" has become a nice way to say "our science is old". Rather than license off-the-shelf assessments, we created our own, from the ground up, to specifically measure and match people to the needs of organizations.

More Than Personality

Most assessments measure high-level personality traits like Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

  1. We measure these broad traits as well as 16 sub-component traits that make up these broader traits.
  2. We also measure skills, work styles, needs, interests, and organizational values. We measure nearly 200 traits in all.
  3. Our assessment is highly customizable to your needs. Our flexible cloud-based psychometric system and large inventory of items allows you to tailor our assessment and matching algorithm to your needs.
Number of Traits by PAC Dimension

Advanced Faking Measures

Our assessment is bundled with advanced preventative and diagnostic measures of impression management.

We take every step to reduce gaming/faking in our assessment, and in cases where such steps are not entirely effective, we help identify the degree of candidate faking through several measures.

Comprehensive Norm Groups

PAC has the most exhaustive array of norm groups available today. Because it's not raw scores that matter, but how those scores compare to different populations of people.

  1. US Department of Labor. Our content model includes the US department of labour's O*Net scales, which gives us the unique ability to leverage validated O*Net data for over 400 careers.
  2. Sokanu Users. Through our consumer product, Sokanu, we collect over 100,000 item responses per day across the globe, which we use to refine our algorithm and scales, and develop norm data across multiple geographies.
  3. Job Candidates. Using PAC to hire better people? You can compare scores of your candidates not just against your own pool of candidates, but all job candidates on PAC. In fact, our entire scoring algorithm is based on this most-relevant norm group.
  4. Employees. Our internal tools allow you to compare your employees' scores across departments, functions, geographies, and even averages of other companies' employees on the PAC system.

More Information

For more technical information regarding reliability, validity, and how our test (does not) discriminate, visit our technical manual.