PAC Study™

Understand the Makeup of Your Top Performers

PAC Study™ helps organizations understand the psychometric make up of their existing employees, enabling them to hire more top performers.

Study is a diagnostic tool developed by PAC that gives HR and talent leaders a snapshop of their people. The tool helps organizations determine what really defines success. Do leaders make good sales people? Are your best performers most likely to leave? Are one type of people better suited for a specific geography or department? The are the types of questions Study helps answer. Using this information, organizations can make better informed hiring decisions. And in tandem with the Select Product companies can better predict which candidates will be successful right out the gate, and improve hiring outcomes by up to 200%.


We use a combination of data powered by PAC and the experience of your company's subject matter experts to create predictive models of success that will help you hire the best people.


Work with PAC to establish the goals and sample for your study

During this phase, a project lead from your organization will work with PAC to determine the scope of the project. Which position(s) do you want to study? Who are the best people to measure? What defines performance for those positions? We will work with your team to modify our assessment to your needs and also identify experts within your organization who can refine the results with intuition and experience.

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Collect insights from your employees and subject matter experts

PAC takes a two approaches to understand what drives success among your people. First, our composite role creation tool surveys subject matter experts within your company to define roles based on their intuitive perception of what drives success. Input is automatically aggregated into collective insights. Second, our assessment tool measures employees within a specific role and determines which traits are most correlated with success metrics you define.

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Create robust predictive models of success

We use the intuiton and experience of your subject matter experts in combination with objective trait data developed by the assessment to create a highly robust predictive model of success. This model specifically defines whether traits drive success, do not contribute, or are even detrimental to success of your people. The output of this stage can be used instantly and harmoniously with our Select product to hire better people.

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PAC measured the sales force of a multinational business and developed a model that could predict sales performance of its agents by 75%.